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Offshore staffing is process of recruitment, infrastructure setup, and overseeing of actual operations is actually done by an offshore service provider. This process is very much in trend and has gained much popularity. At Offshore Staffing, we understand your enlistment/staffing challenges and our dedicated and devoted team of offshore software designers and developers is perfect for the clients who have ventures that have basic contemplations/ considerations of scope and time. Our expert, qualified, experienced and knowledgeable resources serve our clients with quality IT services like an augmentation of your in-house group.

We have hands on experience and have developed an extensive variety of projects during the years which enable us to adjust to any type of business, while remaining a reasonable and practical alternative for our esteemed customers.

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We consult on all aspects regarding your would-be product, including the manner it’s built and the tools used.

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At CodeOver Labs Private Limited, We design and develop FRESH INNOVATIVE WEBSITES & MOBILE APPS based on proven RELIABLE TECHNOLOGIES. From complex e-commerce business applications to social network.

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